Inbound travel agent in Malaysia Reveals Few Hidden Gems For You

Malaysia is a beautiful place to travel and no matter how many times you visit this splendid country, you would be surprised to find new places to visit. Such is the beauty of Malaysia, that you are bound to wall in love. The whole country is surrounded by water which is one of the major attractions of Malaysia.

You would find an abundance of beaches, landscapes, blue waters and lots of greenery. However, every place has its own hidden gems that are the treasure trove of the locals and Malaysia is abounded by them. An Inbound travel agent in Malaysia helps you to discover such places and guide you through a memorable trip.

Here are the few places that you must try out on your tours to Malaysia:

Gem Island, Terengganu

Located in Terengganu, the Gem Island or Gemia island or Pulau Gemia stands true to its name and doesn’t need any description when it comes to the beauty of the place. This privately owned island is beautifully tucked away off the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and about 800 meters from Kapas Island.

The island is covered with white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water, alluring coral reefs, and fascinating marine life. This exotic location will surely be a captivating experience for you! Do you want to know the best part?

The island isn’t known to many, hence it isn’t crowded much as well. The reason behind this is that the island is privately owned. Also, there is only a single resort on the island, so booking becomes pretty straightforward too.

Inbound travel agent

Inbound Travel Agent

Sasaran, Selangor

Fan of the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, a.k.a the World’s largest mirror? Malaysia has got it’s own Salar de Uyuni in Selangor, so don’t miss out on this amazing experience. Located off the coast of Jeram Fishing Village, the shallow waters of Sasaran create a huge mirror-like reflection of the sky. Hey Instagrammers, are you reading?

Known as Sasaran Sky Mirror, the place provides great opportunities to the tourists to click outstanding photographs and trust us, nobody is disappointed. The perfect view occurs twice every month, one on a full moon and the other on a new moon.

To reach Sasaran Sky Mirror, you need to book the tour which includes a 30-minute boat ride from Jeram Fishing Village after you reach there.

Want to know an interesting fact about the place? The wide area just contains sand and seawater and the reflection is caused by the low tides. Make sure to check the season before booking since there are chances of the area being flooded by the tides too.

Inbound Travel Agent

Inbound Travel Agent

Teluk Senangin, Perak

A beautiful secret that remains hidden, the Teluk Senangin is a popular outing spot for the locals who often visit this beautiful place for family outings and vacations. Located near the Damai Laut Swiss-Garden Golf Resort and Spa, the Teluk Senangin region buzzes with a lot of activities.

There is a Turtle Conservation and Information Center nearby, that is free to access all year long. Apart from that, you could satisfy your hunger pangs too, by visiting Pantai Remis. Gorge on sumptuous and fresh seafood that is absolutely unique to the restaurant. The beach area is a great place for a weekend getaway, you could also rent boats from the villagers and go on a relaxing fishing trip or just wade around the water. If not, you could just relax on the white sandy beach while gazing at the pristine blue ocean. Enjoy the calming sea free as it messes with your hair while calming your nerves down.

Inbound Travel Agent

Inbound Travel Agent

Rainbow Waterfall, Pahang

Listen up all the nature lovers, here is a place you should definitely not miss. Hike through the forest from Sungai Lembing, an old mining town in Pahang to stumble across the Rainbow Waterfalls. The best time to visit the waterfalls is early in the morning when the sun rays seep through the trickling waters and there is a cool breeze around the chilly water.

The place is popular for the rainbow that forms every day at the bottom of the waterfall and is literally a magnificent and visual treat for the travelers who visit the place. The mesmerizing rainbow forms almost every day when the sunshine hits the waterfalls commonly around 9 to 10 am everyday.

The whole journey towards the waterfall is an adventure in its own. Follow a tour guide in a 4X4 pickup trucks that drive you through the sandy hills where you can catch the entrancing sunrise. The off-road tour takes around 45 minutes, after which you have to rely on your foot as you trek through the Malaysian rainforest for another 45 minutes until you reach your destination. (Phew! That sounds like an adventure.)

Also, note that a fee of RM 10 or RM 50 is charged by the forest reserve depending on where you book the tour from.

Inbound Travel Agent

Inbound Travel Agent

It is always important to book your tours and plan your vacations with a trustworthy Destination Management Company, preferably one which has the roots in the place you are traveling to. We at GMTC are one such service providers that provide tours and transfers in Malaysia. To know more contact us.

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