Best Travel Agent in Malaysia and Langkawi bring 7 honeymoon destinations for you

The honeymoon is the post-wedding period which sets the pace for a couple to restart their lives together and make it special in every possible manner. What makes honeymoon trips more special is the selection of romantic and interesting spots. Honeymoon destinations of Malaysia and Langkawi seem to have all the ingredients to make the honeymoon experience truly fantastic. Malaysia's honeymoon packages await to surprise every newlywed couple. The top honeymoon destinations namely the island of Langkawi is found to be much relaxed, filled with friendly locals and couples flock at the destined spot for which it seems that love is floating in the air. Best travel agent in Malaysia and Langkawi bring 7 perfect romantic honeymoon destinations for different types of couples so that it is just exciting to beat the romantic styled honeymoon experience, impacting positively on their love stories.

Select Langkawi as the ideal romantic honeymoon destination

Have you already thought about Langkawi, Malaysia as a romantic destination? Leave your thoughts. Looking for a romantic destination to celebrate love, spend the post-wedding days with a soul mate or just wishing to spice up the love relationship can travel the honeymoon package to Langkawi, Malaysia. The trip to Langkawi will create lasting memories in the life of a newlywed couple. The idea of selecting Langkawi as a major honeymoon destination will not only leave the minds with much pleasure but couples will surely enjoy the solace and warmth touch of each other in the midst of the relaxed island.

The newlyweds have to figure out much in choosing a romantic honeymoon destination. A honeymoon package to Langkawi, the lovebird’s paradise will be in the bucket list of every couple and it seems that love is floating in the air. Not only the romantic stuff will be enough to satiate the honeymoon spirit but more importantly, it is considered as the tax-free island. It leaves the option of taking some breaks or does unlimited shopping. Seeking the romantic address just post-marriage days is just possible to be made with the expertise of the best travel agent in Malaysia and Langkawi. There remains immense opportunity to check top-notch resorts and hotels. Enjoying the honeymoon days in the stunning romantic styled rooms followed by private beaches are just enough to be explored. It is not a bad idea for couples to go from bed to the beach.

Things to do at Langkawi

The couple takes time to think of experiencing leisure packed customized tours to the romantic island of Langkawi. Sitting beside the loved ones, enjoying the twilight moments is just enough to make a happy honeymoon package. Every couple loves to enjoy the sunsets at Langkawi, make it more special by exchanging kisses and perfect drinks. Couples can enjoy long walks. Seeking peace from the crowds is just possible by checking into the options of renting a private boat and exploring the nearby islands around Langkawi. Even in high season, it is possible to hide in magnificent spots. Organizing a lovely dinner on the beach followed by tempting arrangements of candles, a nice meal will make the honeymoon packages ever special. Couples are free to enjoy unlimited options of fresh seafood items and will love to dine in the local atmosphere.

Best travel agents can plan exciting honeymoon packages that allow leaving the minds of newlyweds with an abundance of happy memories. The travel agents can help to spot some exotic spots of Malaysia that are certain to be enjoyed. Listed are the most suggested spots falling in Malaysia, perfectly made for honeymoon making either in beaches, islands or rainforests.

Mabul Island

This island is to be chosen as the best place in Malaysia for spending the honeymoon a unique one. It is the perfect place to enjoy the pristine beaches featured with soft white sand, emerald water and coconut trees. Couples can make absolute privacy by staying in Mabul resorts and islands. In order to capture the view of the island, the transparent kayak is the best medium. Visiting Bajau Laut village can be made to enjoy local sight-seeing.

Tioman Island

Tioman island is the perfect gateway for honeymoon and it is also considered to make an escape from the busy hectic schedules. Newlywed couples can enjoy the relaxed island by indulging in some of the popular activities namely snorkeling, experience underwater and dive. Couples can make trying aqua sports namely surfing, kayaking and jet-skiing. Taking a drive through the lush rain forest and enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the Asha waterfall sets couples to feel to hold their secrets together. The beautiful beach at Coral island can be enjoyed the most. Planning with the guidance of best travel agents opens the scope to step into popular place namely Malang Rocks, a place to experience beautiful coral formation and too find a variety of fish species. It will be interesting to shop in the duty-free island.

Batu Ferringhi Beach

Beach honeymoon destinations are always something likely to be planned by newlyweds. The advent of expert services of best travel agents makes it possible to turn the romantic expressions from pages of a novel into the merrymaking activities. Batu Ferringhi beach of Penang, lying on the west coast of Malaysia is one of the perfect spots where couples make unlimited fun by viewing waves lapping on the shores. Couples can hold their hands, make walks through stretches of soft white sand, chase little crabs and continue to a pocket full of colorful shells. After spending a day in relaxing Thai body massage, jungle trekking activities they can spend the night hours by experiencing night market lined with shops selling products namely souvenirs and curios. In order to complete dinner with a tasty dish, couples can pick some amazing Malaysian food items out of which Ikan Bakar, the Malaysian style of grilled fish finds a special mention.

Kapas Island

The selection of surreal honeymoon spots is something to count for. Kapas Island is one of the top Malaysian islands. It is the perfect spot to enjoy the company of each other, make the love special and treasure the marvels of nature. Escaping from crowded places can be easily made and enjoy the honeymoon vibes.

Cameron Highlands

If newlyweds set the mood to plan honeymoon packages to rainforests and be in the lap of nature, then Cameron Highlands can be mentioned. Making the honeymoon trip to rainforest lands is something considered to be something unique. It is the ideal spot to roam around the tea plantations, lush valleys, strawberry farms. Nature lovers will surely like to enjoy the spot and make the drive on amazing safaris. Plucking some fresh strawberries and the colorful butterflies make the day.

Taman Negara

It is one of the breathtaking spots of Malaysia where couples can enjoy honeymoon packages to the fullest. Make visits to tribal villages of Orang Asli. Get into the business of interesting nocturnal activities like it people get the chance to see nocturnal flowers and make the night safaris a special one.

GMTC, the leading traveling company of Malaysia is the most cited name, holds a position in catering effective services namely the best travel agencies. Interested travelers can contact the GMTC to make travel a special one and make it at affordable rates. Destination of honeymoon spots can be cited effectively with the guidance of the best travel agents of Malaysia.

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