Top 5 Langkawi activities suggested by Best Travel Agent in Malaysia and Langkawi

Tour operator in Langkawi recommends a thorough exploration of the place for first-time visitors. Langkawi also called the Jewel of Kedah is a picturesque archipelago of 99 islands in the sea of Andaman off the mainland coast of northwest Malaysia. One of the most popular beach destinations of Malaysia, Langkawi is a treasure trove of natural wonders.

 From natural landscapes to scenic beaches, jungle-clad hills and iconic locations, the islands offer an opportunity to weave intricate memories with an experience that seems like one of a lifetime.

Surrounded by turquoise waters and the beaches that are lined with swaying coconut trees and casuarinas, the travelers enjoy the serenity and the magnificent beauty of the place thoroughly.

The Best Travel agent in Malaysia and Langkawi bring to you the top 5 activities that you can indulge in during your trip to Langkawi and enjoy your trip-

Top 5 Langkawi activities suggested by Best Travel Agent in Malaysia and Langkawi

Walk on the Langkawi Sky Bridge

This 125-meter long curved pedestrian bridge is not one for the faint-hearted. It connects the two hilltops of Mat Cincang Mountain, the second highest mountain of Langkawi resting 100 feet above the ground.

The sky bridge offers an exhilarating view of the verdant view of the Gunung Mat Cincang, Telaga Tujuh waterfalls, and many other islets. You can reach the sky bridge through a cable car and a 10-15 min walk to the starting of the bridge.

This sturdy bridge can accommodate around 250 people at a time and is a popular attraction of Langkawi. So enjoy the cool breeze and make the Langkawi Sky Bridge a centerpiece of your itinerary.

Travel through the Underwater World

Spread across six acres, the underwater world is located in Pantai Cenang and is one of the most popular attractions of Langkawi. The place takes pride in being the largest aquarium in Malaysia.

The underwater world houses around 200 different species of marine life including various freshwater fishes, harbor seals, rockhopper penguins, giant rays and the very enormous Amazonian Ariapamas.

The most interesting highlight of this structured house is a 15 min long underwater tunnel that brings you close to beautiful sharks, stingrays and green turtles. The underwater world is a kid’s favorite and a great family spot.

The 12-course Zip-lining

Call out to the adventurer in you and go zip-lining in the Matchinchang Cambrian GeoPark through a course of 12 zip-lines and 3 suspended bridges across the beautiful Andaman Sea and the Sky Cab.

The ride takes you through the unique geology of the island where you come across the exciting wildlife of the Malaysian rain forest. The ride towers over magnificent waterfalls and towering trees, as you soak in the natural beauty of Langkawi over a time span of 2.5 hrs. 

The Faery infused Telaga Tujuh Waterfall

An ancient belief attached to this place attracts a large flock of tourists to the Gunung Mat Cincang. This waterfall is said to be resided by faeries. The Telaga Tujuh waterfall translates to the Seven Wells Waterfall. This interesting name is derived from the seven connected natural pools that are fed by seven different waterfalls.

 This picturesque beauty is considered as a jewel of the western headlands. It offers a great adventure to the brave hearts who take up a steep 45 min walk across the slope to reach the top of the waterfall. You can also encounter various macaques and hornbills once you reach the top.

The waterfalls provide a serene experience to the visitors and the thrill to the adventurers.

The Immaculate Pasir Tengkorak Beach

A hidden gem of Langkawi, the Paris Tengkorak Beach has a very secluded and quiet forest environment that is highly enjoyed by tourists.

Another beautiful attraction, the name of the beach translates to “Sandy Skull Beach” because of the various legends associated with the place. However, the serenity of the place is not lost in its name.

 Enjoy the pristine white sand and relax on the various gazebos that are sprawled across the coast. The clear water and the gentle waves provide a soothing tune to the ears and calm down your nerves.

As they say, a day near the water is enough to calm a disturbed mind, this place is a must visit to just relax and spread out.

Langkawi is a great place to visit for all groups of people as well as single travelers. It offers a variety of attractions and activities for the tourists and the travelers alike. The place doesn’t only call out to the first time travelers but to the frequent ones as well who keep coming back to this electrifying locale for more.

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