Langkawi: The ultimate destination to feel nature

Langkawi is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Malaysia. This island is developed with 99 smaller islets in the sea of Andaman. This is located at the Thailand border. Langkawi is the most beautiful place in Kedah State. The largest islet among these is populated with 65000 inhabitants. This island is located near Pulau Tuba. This popular tourist destination is beautified with mountains peaks and hills. The most famous beach is located in the west coast. Most of the restaurants and resorts are located here, as tourist density is higher. The weather of Langkawi is not windy and the water is still and steady. That provides benefits to the tourists to perform parasailing, banana boating, scuba diving and jet-skiing. Langkawi is decorated with a number of exotic tourist attraction. The best travel agent in Malaysia and Langkawi offers attractive tour packages to explore different parts of Malaysia. The unforgettable travel experience in Langkawi cannot be possible without the following attractions.

Dataran Lang

This is popular in the name of Eagle square. Langkawi is symbolized with Dataran Lang in most of the cases. The eagle statue is twelve meters tall.People generally comes here to relax and view the ferries.

The sky bridge of Langkawi

This bridge is situated 700 meters higher from the sea level. This is 124 meters long and it can carry 250 persons at a time. The mind blowing and beautiful natural view is fusioned with a deep adventure. The view of the islets is splendid from this sky bridge. This bridge remains closed on Sunday.

Underwater World

Other than the sky kissing attraction of Langkawi, the tourists can go into the deep into the water world in Langkawi. This is a walkthrough underwater tunnel. The tourist can enjoy the deep-sea experience without getting wet. Different types of fishes, turtle, penguins, flamingo, harbor seals, and mandarin ducks are there to welcome and entertain the tourist. This is located near the Langkawi airports.

Bird paradise and Wildlife Park

The nature lovers will enjoy this attraction in Langkawi. Ducks, owls, toucans, flamingos, parakeets, eagles, canaries and hornbills are kept there. Birds of more than 150 species are preserved. The internal ambience of this wildlife park will give ultimate pleasure to nature lovers.

Gunung Raya

This could be considered as the highest peak of Langkawi. This is located 881 meters higher from the sea level. This point will provide a clear panoramic view of Langkawi. This place provides a wide-angle view of Langkawi at a glance. Top view of the attractions will be visible from here. The hill-forests are crowded by different types of mountain eagles and hawks, macaque monkeys, flying fox, leaf monkeys, great hornbills, white bellied eagles and other rare species of animal-birds.

Langkawi cable car

This is a 15 minutes amazing ride. The view of waterfalls, rain forests, islets and water forest will make the tourists spell bound. The nature’s beauty and the cool& refreshing breeze will make the experience memorable.

Paradise 3D museum

This place could be a dream to the art lovers. The 3 storied museum building is segmented into 9 types of attractions. They are aquatic, castles, optical illusion, classics, fantasy, Egyptian, Malaysian, safari and landscape. The cable car amusement ride can be added after visiting 3D museum.

TelagaTujuh waterfall

This is a natural waterfall and the view is eye soothing.

Beaches of Langkawi are famous for the resorts, restaurants and night life. The water and beaches of Langkawi are pristine. The famous beaches are Pantai Cenang Beach, Pantai Tengah, Pantai Kok, Datai Bay and Tanjung Rhu.

Langkawi is considered as the most important and popular island among others islets. Tour operator in Malaysia offers lucrative tour options to explore Langkawi. GMTC offers a wide variety of tour packages to Langkawi and other popular destinations.

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